Alabama’s Water Environment Association (AWEA) is our Water Environment Federation (WEF) member association. Since the organization began operating in the mid-‘70s, AWEA has been focused on utilizing the strengths of WEF to empower and educate the water market. We are an active and thriving group of water professionals that strive to develop strategies that help the water market evolve and become a community of experts that positively impact the environment.

Our website is one of the numerous ways you can interact with AWEA. Over the years, our organization has been known for its annual conference, generally located in Orange Beach, Alabama, which brings together operators, engineers, utility directors, and equipment vendors for professional development, exhibition, and a lot of fun.  Now, our committee chairs and board are committed to much more than a single professional development conference. We are working diligently in our outreach to educate all water professionals through joint conferences, utility management communication, and daily training sessions for collection and treatment systems personnel.  It is also our goal to reach future professionals in the field of water and wastewater by engaging academia and students.  Through this outreach and service to our members, we hope to fulfill our vision of providing leadership and resources for our environment.

I sincerely hope that we are able to make a large impact on water professionals in our state, which in turn influences water strategies, collaboration, and communication amongst water professionals, water quality, legislation, and education.  Water is an invaluable resource, and it is essential that the waters of our state be recognized as such and that we develop organizations, such as AWEA, to serve as the premier alliance in decision making and cooperation.

If you would like to join AWEA, please contact our executive secretary, Kim Polifka, or any of our fantastic leaders.  If you are interested in learning more, join us at one of our many events listed in the feed on this home page or at a regularly scheduled board meeting. The more water professionals involved, the greater the impact we can make!  Also, be sure to check out wef.org to learn more about how WEF serves our member section and the value of this global organization.

Wheeler Crook, P.E., AWEA Past-President

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